Marketing Campaigns

"Fight the Man. Own the Mountain"


Tired of feeling like every ski resort is just in it for the money? Well this was is chance to stand up and make your voice heard, that you want to keep skiing independent, and for the skiers. 

This campaign was launched as the mega ski resort have gone crazy buying up just about every imaginable ski area to compete with each other. This has lead to each resort becoming less and less like its original self and more corporate every day. Prices going through the roof and the everyday person was getting priced out of the sport unless they could drop a whole paycheck for a weekend up at the resorts.

At Red Mountain we wanted to do things a bit different. We keep our ticket and lodging prices low and might not have the fanciest of lifts, but we have ones with character and will let you ski all the fresh powder until your legs give out.


"Fight the Man. Own the Mountain" launched as the first international crowdfunding campaign and took the ski world by storm. Over $13 million in reservations later and it is not stoping. Even those who don't feel like investing are hearing about Red Mountain due to the crazy amount of media coverage this has generated and love what they hear about keeping skiing independent.

Brand awareness is off the chart and skier visits is looking to smash all the previous numbers. So far this campaign has been a hit on all accounts. Generating crazy ROI for all money invested and solidifying Red Mountains place as the anti corporate ski resort.

"Only at Rose"


An integrated marketing campaign launched to highlight what sets Mt. Rose apart from every other mountain.The campaign was born after other resorts began receiving complaints about their lack of friendly atmosphere, far away parking, and corporate feel.

To alternatively market Mt. Rose as a place that you would feel at home, Only at Rose came to Life.The key with Only at Rose was to be able to keep consistent messaging through all marketing channels. From the website to the billboards Only at Rose was able to highlight Rose's competitve advantages while also making a subtle dig at other resorts.The design process began with the logo.

The goal was to create something classic that would stand up over time while not over powering the standard Mt. Rose logo. After a few rounds of mocks a clear winner emereged as something that met both goals. An elegent, but simple text logo allowed it to get the message out without distracting from the main logo.

The launch of the campaign went hand and hand with our fall season pass sale. It made sense to highlight our key attributes at one of our most important times of the year. From print ads to our website got a complete make over with the Only at Rose branding.

The campaign really began to take hold with people and lead to a record number of fall pass sales. One of the greatest parts of the Only at Rose message is that could continue on even once the pass sale was over. There is always a place to add in any new advantages in simple, but clear message.




After bad snow years for what feels like half a decade, how do you continue to market yourself as a premier ski resort?

You encourage all your loyal customers to share it with their friends. In the days of social media, nothing speaks louder than seeing recommendations from your friends and #MammothStories was born. The goal was 10,000 stories from 11,000 feet.

To kick off the campaign we produced "stories" from celebrity who genuinely liked our product and had honest experiences they could share.

From there we set up video booths at pass holder events where they could easily share their own story with their friends. We also supported the campaign with a dedicated webpage and throughout our traditional advertising, including our print ads and billboards.

What I thought pushed the campaign to the next level was how Mammoth would randomly highlight user submitted stories in things like our email campaigns and on our social media. Once we started doing this the amount of user submitted ideas grew at a much higher rate.